[Verse 1] 

We coming locked and loaded, the blueprint, we wrote it 

Say they got the secret to the game, we decode it 

All up in they face, they still ain't even seeing me 

Say I'm a disgrace, well why they never put me in my place?

Heha I'm screaming heha, to the game I'm such a leader

Special Delivery for the ones that ain't feeling me 

Guess what? I'm steady rapping like a savage

Say that they deliver? I'm the one that wrapped the package

That means I set the status, and know I'm going crazy over here 

Bringing 99 problems, I'm going Jay-Z over here 

I'm the blueprint for new sense, other rappers just nuisance

You can stop the talking, we don't care about your two sense 


Special Delivery x2

UPS, put them boys in check, you'll be next 

UPS put them boys in check you'll be next 

It don't matter what you do, long as you do respect

My name x2 

Cause you know that I'll be bound to bring the flames 

Special Delivery 


[Verse 2] 

I'm like Forest Whittaker, I'm so ahead of ya, Last King of Scotland

If good rapping been missing, tell me where have I been 

Somewhere on a jet, but I ain't lagging 

Cause I ain't had a rapper kill me yet, but I ain't bragging

Ha, I take it back, I'm lying, now's the time to get cocky 

Stunting in that flex zone for all the people that doubt me 

Who got my back? Blackfighters

Know that Lo Da Pilpot 

And um, you can play with me, but know that

They gone start the riot

Hello, nice to meet ya call me Zha Zha

Who gone be the single one to beat ya? Zha Zha 

Know I'm coming for ya, only here to destroy ya 

They say that they hotter, if they fire, then I'm water, Hello! 




[Verse 3] 

I heard they tryna dead me, they screaming RIP while I'm in VIP 

Acting Joe is what they wanna be? Then I'll be Ali 

Fraiser no longer on that rader, they saying that I'm a trip? 

You know where I'll take ya 

New rappers is actors, new blood what we after, Twilight 

If they see us riding in that nightlight, better get they mind right 

Told em' that we purgin' bells in ringing off and we about to put that work in 

Put em' in that black bag, white mask, get away in that drive fast 

Breathe now, don't fight back, don't stick em' up, might like that 

Walking up to that doormat like , Special Delivery 

Told them people that they gone remember me 

They say that they hotter, and I leave em' as a memory 





You feeling me 

Zhané Nichele, Nichele bring the hell