They gone respect my position x2 

I see em’ creeping in the corner 

I see em’ creeping in the… hold up 


Y’all boys can’t * with my track

Loaded I stay with that pack

Covered in gold 

Had - falling in love like they Dominoes 



Run It Up in the bando x8


[Verse 1] 

Run it up in the what? 

You say you carrying what? 

You say you boss of the what? 

Know that I been bossed up, never toss up 

Talk bout what I paid that cost of probably gone cost ya

More than what you bargained for 

Guess I’m the target for 

Lying ass rappers that lost their roar 

Say they the hottest, well in that case thermostats I abolish 

They want the race and I’m bringing the mileage 

Tape on they face like I’m holding them hostage 

Shut up 

Pardon at times I go off and create such amazement 

I guess I get lost and I’m running the race in first place like it’s Boston 

Killen em’ all and you fitting the coffin 




[Verse 2] 

Petty chicks, they watch me

Reason they ticked cause the way they clock me 

Dude on my tip and they calling him papi 

I make you sick? Then stop me 

You better rest up, best take your meds up 

I’m the position I gave you a heads up 

No competition I’m straight demolition and only get better despite what you wishing 

Your intuition should have said do better 

I come around with the rounds straight roulette 

I stack a couple stacks then recline back 

smoke up the place now they tryna catch a contact 

Straight fire 

I swear I’m only going higher, and boy if I ain’t winning then the devil is a liar 

Straight ripping

They gone respect my position 

Nichele bring the hell, they don’t ever catch her slipping 





Rap game my trap game and I’ll serve ya 

Nichele bring the hell, straight murder

Run it up in the bando, I’ll give you something to handle

I’ll merk ya 

Nichele daddy (Who just stepped up on the scene) 

Nichele daddy (Who so crispy so clean) 

Nichele daddy, go and tell daddy

Welcome to the show and tell daddy




Nichele daddy, bring the hell daddy 

Try dissing? They tripping