[Verse 1] 

I can take it back to the memories, now you a memory 

Felt like it was meant to be 

Liked you so much, our relationship a simile 

Love sick from the venom you was giving me 

I’m your angel, you was my enemy

Oh lord, I don’t know what’s gotten into me 

Couple good girls and we only want the bad boys

Devil like I’ma give you everything you ask for 

Lord save me, don’t let this boy change me 

Feelings that I’m feeling done chained me 

You can picture us but the picture so hazy 

Crazy in love? We was just crazy 

Roller coaster sick from all the motion 

Telling me I could hardly have you open 

No emotions cause your heart is more than broken 

I had that number nine and you drinking all the potion 


Will you write this song about me? x2

Sweetest of corruption, I don’t need no interruption 

I can’t get enough of your corrupted x3 

Sweetest of corruption, I don’t need no interruption 

I can’t get enough of you 


[Verse 2] 

Can’t get enough of the corruption 

Loving the destruction

Crazy baby how we turning something into nothing 

Bomb love, wait for the eruption

Devil creeping and he know the art of the seduction

Can’t get enough what we becoming 

Evil in your eyes it don’t need no introduction

Argue just to argue, loving the discussion 

No time to waste, get back to all the bluffing 

Love me just to leave me, tell me that I’m worth it 

Disappear then tell me that I don’t deserve it 

Lord baby, see I know that we ain’t perfect 

Addicted to the feeling and it’s hard to just reverse it 

Sad song, why we so crazy

Good boy in my life and he steady tryna save me 

Saying you ain’t right, but I’m steady putting up a fight 

He telling me to leave you out my life 

And I’m like… 



[Verse 3] 

We both heartbreakers, our hearts shattered on the floor

Now we don't matter anymore, love and the trust, 

Things we discussed, me you and us, don't add up anymore 

Cry to me baby, tell me you deserve me (Give me one more chance)

I gave you thirty, tell me that you love me, and you need me

And you never want to leave me cause you never meant to hurt me

Yes, when should I be sick of all the stress, no stress

You know it's not worth it, I deserve more even though I'm not perfect

Every excuse, you know they not working, yea it might hurt

But we all hurting, clear my mind, coming to my senses

Blue skies closer in the distance, I'm distant, I know I failed to mention 

That I had to go, but I had to go, hurting you was never my intention

I know it might be tension, but I wish the best for you 

And I only want the best for you, go ahead stay strong

Say what you told me, that life goes on 


Will you write this song about me? x2

Sweetest of corruption, I don’t need no interruption

I can’t get enough of you