[Verse 1]

Mirror mirror mirror on the wall, she face her demons, fix her hair, and fix her sequins

Maybelline covers insecurities, she can't afford to be 

Nothing that's less than perfect, least on the surface 

Sell her soul straight to hell for Chanel, she know she worth it

Giuseppe heels and she work it, to the club, she twerking 

Free drinks all night feel right, these boys splurging 

Huh, what's the cost of the life? One night, she gone by the sunlight

If she only gets one life, she gone die to make sure that it's done right

And she done right, with her Red Bottoms, so what if she came from the bottom 

It's a couple dudes in the club that's on top, and guarantee she gone find them 

She lurking while she twerking, her eyes in the VIP

Steady tryna see between guys, she ride for those boys who don't need ID 

So turned up in the club, there all week like she work for the club 

But underneath all that she really tryda be, you see she hurting for love

But what's love to a girl who ain't never ever see it, she needs it 

But these little boys won't be it 

Looking in the wrong place, look in your own face 

Love yourself, you got to run your own race 



Am I just a mirroring reflection of all this imperfection 

Hurting deep in inside, wearing a disguise

I see it in your eyes, hurting and you're too afraid to cry 

But it's okay to cry

You can cry x3 

It's okay to cry, long as you lift your head and reach it to the sky 


[Verse 2] 

And you can reach it to the sky 

Mirror mirror on the wall, he so creative, he creates his own facade 

Been frauding for so long, now he can't tell the truth from all the lies

His disguise is a hard body, know he ride round with a hard shotty

Boys don't want that fight, bound to find out he about that life, right

Never shot nothing, never popped nothing, but they don't know that he bluffing 

And the truth ain't up for discussion, cause the pretty hood girls, they love him 

He get play cause he got paper, as far as they know, he balling, Spalding 

In the club he bent, pop bottles with the money for the rent  

Living life in the fast lane, paper chase on full speed

Instagram his gucci, then hop right up in his hoopty 

The respect is what he after, in a couple years though, it won't even matter 

Think bigger, look at the bigger picture

Take off the mask, and let the truth fit ya



These things dont exist, insecurities can no longer live more in me

At some point and time, you got to start loving yourself

All of this won't even matter, Look at the bigger picture

Take off the mask, and let the truth fit ya

No more insecurities

 Insecurities can no longer live more in me x2

You gotta start loving yourself

Love yourself x3

You're perfect, you're worth it, and the best? You deserve it