[Verse 1]

I got my heart covered, eyes covered 

Middle finger in the air 

Scream * y’all with my finger in the air

Ball in my court and I throw it anywhere 

I dish out what they never could prepare 

Say they want war, then tell them I declare 

Who is this girl? I guess they unaware 

They feeling buffy? 

Well know that I’m the slayer 

Better say a prayer, or run it like a mayor 

Saturday night live, I ain’t talking Tina Faye 

You can get the special 

Cause the boys that I’m with straight special 

And y’all wasting my time 

Talking bout back on the grind, be the same ones that’s the back of the line 

I talk my ish and I’m one of a kind 

And they say a good girl is too hard to find, ha! 

I go hard, I don’t even got a reason

Cause y'all ain’t even hard, y'all just a bunch of semen 

Playing for the game and I’m playing for the season 

A sweet little girl, I guess I was deceiving 

Cause I crept up, and I’m killing the game 

Put the whole will in my name 

Y'all chicken heads that be drilling my name?

Guess what

I’m stealing the game

Not still in the game, I’m stealing the game like a burglar 

Killing them all like a murderer 

Heard my song play the other day and I scared myself

So who I’m supposed to fear if I fear myself?

White mask and we purgin’ 

Them gas masks and we burning 

We moving fast and they searching 

Untouchable, the new virgin 



It’s a cold world and I’m ready x2

I swear I see them lurking and they on they way to get me 

White mask and we purgin’ x2 

We won’t ever let them top the spot and that’s for certain 

And I won’t ever let up, let up, won’t ever let up x2

White mask and we purgin' x2 

We won’t ever let them top the spot and that’s for certain 

And I won’t ever let up 


[Verse 2]

This the rap game apocalypse, load up the clip and I'm cocking it 

(At yo head muthaaa) Coroner come here they dead, I took they head

And I ripped it to shreds, ain't use the 9 used the uzi instead 

You heard what it said? It went (blhhhhh) Sent them straight to the mortuary

Only cemeteries and obituaries, it gets kind of scary, how I got the white mask 

No love, put they blood on a white bag, hand the white mask

To my Black Flighters, try to come for me, well ya plan backfired 

If YR get that one call, he gone pop off, make em pull up to ya spot 

And he gone peel ya top off, but you can try it, he gone start the riot 

Since 17 we been eating rappers for our diet, VIP take your front seat 

For Show and Tell, thanks for coming boys and girls, tonight we showing hell 

Rapping? Nah she couldn't do it, well the way you listen to this beat

I think I proved it, and I paint the picture so vivid, no I ain't been through hell 

But I'll give it, know if it's a problem, I approach it like a grown woman 

Crown on your dome, take the throne like it's homecoming, snatch that 

Only drop bombs like I'm Bagdad, hear these rhymes, make em' lose their breath

Like they ashmatic tick your time's over, said your time's over

See me in the future, boy don't say I ain't told ya, purgin' I'm the threat 

I'm what's next, I ain't ask for it, took respect, screw ya bets

 I'm the captain, who's on deck? Watch me smile in ya face, then I move the teck 

Line up the rivals, no they destiny won't be survival, creeping up behind you

With that black bag and white mask, put you in that back car then blast off

It'd be smart to wave your white flag, this ya last call