Take another day from my life

Take so many tears from my eyes 

No ribbon in the sky, can’t you see what you have done to me? 

You’ll always be the day to my nights, and I’m only a day in your life

Oh I’m asking why can’t you see what you have done to me 

[Verse 1] 

She paints a picture of perfection with strokes of his affection 

He distant, but all she wants to feel is a connection

He different, at least that’s what she tells herself 

Another stroll on that road, bout to play the hand she dealt herself, 


Let’s start the journey, she saying he’ll never hurt me

He done lied, and I done cried, but l swear he still deserve me 

Cause let’s face it, ain’t nobody perfected

I got my flaws too, we all do, so I accept it 

Lies and deception can’t break them up

She denies contraception, they making love

Intuition saying listen, but she still fight it 

And no, they ain’t committed, but it feel like it 

At least on her part, cause on his part? He play her like she Mozart 

And nah it ain’t his fault, she should have never let down her guard 

She tell him that she only true to him, and she never lied once

That’s why it’s just the two of them, at least for nine months


[Verse 2] 

Now he stuck facing reality like how did we, let this ever happen

Expecting? You ain’t allowed to be 

She like what you expecting if we never used protection?
Boy I swear to God you won’t deny this little blessing 

She stressed and depressed and asking all the questions 

Like all the ways to go? Why she go choose this direction 

He bound to come around, that’s the conclusion that she's betting 

But if she don’t know by now she bout to learn this little lesson 

No time for second guessing 

The baby’s in the world now, but he ain’t come around 

So she about to bring his world down 

And no don’t get me wrong, he play the daddy role 

He there for the child, but he ain’t down to stick around

So the tears rolling out

And the tears rolling out, he should be cuffing her 

She made it very clear that he’s supposed to be in love with her

Oh lord, she feeling crazy, she screaming

She bound to have her way so now she plotting and she scheming 

Be somebody’s baby mom is not enough for her, she done with that

Down to live that life? She ain’t the one for that 

Fist fights with his new chick, new hoes got her too sick 

He did her too wrong, but if she want peace? 

She better move on, move on 



I’m the one that brought this world to your life, I hold you down 

You know I’m always there for the ride, now I’m asking why

Can’t you see what you have done to me