[Verse 1]

Impossible, I made it possible 

Got a plan to stop me? That's illogical 

Tryna top my spot? I ain't stopping ya 

But my hittas clap up, say you fend to act up and they dropping you 

Right back on the mission, I ain't got no rap, throw blows and I send them right back 

What you tryna tell me? Ain't no spot on the top? Look at where we at 

Run right past like I never straight knew ya, boy made of glass and I'm seeing straight through ya

And the boy Biz? Yup, that's my shooter, try to throw shade, and I send him straight to ya

I'm the last one that they put they bets on, well now the bet's on 

Green light, know I move heavy, might seem light

Killing everything just seem right, and I'm the one to go do it 

Say that I'ma do it, I did it, they livid 

Is it cause they living limits? Is it cause they start when I just finished?

Menace, to society, entirely shut it all down, only do it properly 

No mercy, we ain't down for the comradery 

Say I'm too hype? Trick and I'm allowed to be, ha!


Go Mission, I'm on my Go Mission x3

Rappers try dissing, ones that go missing 

Killing em' all, man I swear they don't listen 


[Verse 2]

Show off, and I'ma show out, I see they try though

Smirk on my face, I'm untouched, Middle finger up, show no love

All in the club like so what, say my name like so what?

By the end of the day, they gone know what 

I'm like the Presi, I'm ready, call the shots heavy 

Got the haters looking all petty 

Heard they tryna boop me out the game like Betty

Don't know what they smoking but it must be Reggie, ha!

Shots bout to fire, the game and I'm setting fire 

They aiming for the sky? Aim higher! 

I'm the assassin, straight blasting  

They think they hard, they straight vaging, and I'm on my

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]

Zhané Nichele, Nichele Holy Grail

Say they can't see it? Welcome to the Show and Tell 

Ain't even 21, man I swear I need bail 

Gotta be illegal the way I bring hell, straight missiles 

Straight pistols, war ready 

Wale, more about war 

Nah Zhané, quarter by 4, ball in my court 

It's the game, and I score

I'm the impossible, it's so illogical, how I kill em'

Just call me diabolical

And that ain't nothing to what I'm about to do

And I love it when they doubt me, I would doubt me too 

Who would have thought that a bad chick, bout to kill em' all, straight savage 

I'm  savage, and uh, you can play if you want and overlook me 

But you'll see, how I kill em' all and I'm the rookie, cookie, muah 



Ha, Zhané Nichele, Nichele Holy Grail 

Say they can't see it ? Welcome to the show and tell 

March 2015

Wait on it x2

Welcome to the show and tell