[Verse 1] 

Nichele spitting the magic 

If it’s all about the cloth, know I’m fitting the fabric 

I tell em’ that I’m spitting automatic, living super lavish 

Know that if I see it and I want it, then I bag it 

We riding round with the top down 

When I’m with my clique? Know that we shutting the spot down

Finally got the album bout to drop now, living on the top now 

Haters always see me and they ask me can I stop now

Nah! We only know go, know they hate to see it, so I do it in a slow mo 

Repeat, repeat, do it then I repeat, repeat

Love it when they think they competition and I defeat 

Sizzle, let’s solve a riddle, tell me what’s my name if it’s monkey in the middle? 

George boy, and I got the curiosity bout the little itty bitty piggy think he stopping me

Cause I’m the big bad wolf and I blow down, it’ll never be a showdown 

Think you tryna aim? Put the bow down 

Living out in Cali, might take a trip to Maui

Love it when I say that I’m a rapper and they doubt me 

Barely in the game but I’m certified
Heard they bout to take me out my lane? Well you heard a lie 

(Why is that?) I dash, foot on the gas! 

Know I heard them haters saying screw me when I pass! You mad! 

I’m ill possible, better yet illogical

Cause it don’t make sense to spit, and be a boss chick, bad chick 

But I saw the chance and I grabbed it, and I ain’t into sharing so um?
No you’ll never have it! 


Say they heavy in the game? 

I don’t care about it 

Say they tryna take me out the lane? 

I don’t care about it 

Know they gone give me my respect

They be always tryna flex

So I told em’ baby 

You can get it, you can get it next 

(You can get it x3 Next) x3

When I come around they better have respect 

Try to flex and I hit em with the wreck 

[Verse 2] 

Knock knock, can you guess who? 

I’m named the best so let me show you what the best do 

Mic check two 

Got them rappers saying I’ll diminish ya 

Said I interrupt the game, well I’ma let you finish but.. ha! 

Let them boys know I’m on my Kimye 

I spit bars, big bars, then I bring the boys to the big yard

Got a couple chicks looking pissed off

Tryna figure me out but know Im harder than a jigsaw, now lift off, ha! 

Now tell me why he mad? Cause he finally figured I’m the best he ever had? 

You sad! I ain’t meet you at the wrong time, your time late 

I don’t want to be indirect 

Shoutout to my prom date! Ha wait! 

Got a couple chicks that’s tryna bury me

Only want the beef cause they boys tryna marry me 

Well I’m decent in the kitchen with a hot steak 

So if you want the beef then I can serve you on a hot plate! Ha wait! 

I ain’t even finish I’m Denis the straight Menace 

Flow is sickening, so they send me to clinics 

Got that? 

Know I got em’ needing time to replenish

I’m killing everything I’m seeing and you fitting the image, straight vivid

It’s a high chair, think I’ma reside here

Got a couple people steady asking how I got here, I fly here 

They be looking at me like do you write your own raps? 

Wrote my own world and I put it on my own map! 


Ha It's a banger, it's a banger 

Rock it, pop it, all the chicks in the club? Drop it

Hit em' with the flex, hit em' with the wreck

Watch me take the haters out and baby you can get it next

Hit em' with the flex, hit em' with the wreck
Already told em' that they gone give me my respect


Ha It's a banger, it's a banger 

Rock it, pop it, all the chicks in the club?

Shoutout to Philly, Philly

Nichele, Nichele Holy Grail

Say they can't see it?

Welcome to the show and tell