Eh, this the one for, when they act like they love you, and you act like you believe them 


Tell me that you love me, tell me that you’ll never let me go 

Tell me that you need me, tell me that I’m all you’ll ever know 

Tell me you believe me, when I say you all I’m searching for 

Never will deceive me, what we got they never could destroy

Lie To Me

[Verse 1] 

Well uh, you know I love you, put no one above you 

Billion in the world and I be only thinking of you 

And no you ain’t my favorite, you my only

When them girls lurking you can tell em’ that you own me, get on me 

I, I see it in your eyes, know you heard a thousand lies 

From other guys but I’m never down to make you cry 

I just want to be the one you need

Say you need a rider then that’s what I’m gone be 

That other girl? What about that other girl? 

Me and her ain’t nothing, you just heard it from one of your girls

Already told you that they haters, they hating

They don’t like the fact that we a movie in the making 


[Verse 2]

So now I'm lying next to her and she lying on the phone

Telling me be quiet, telling her boyfriend that she tired

I'm sick of this, I put myself in predicaments, where love and lust is no different

Now I'm caught up with the devil's daughter, I kind of love ya, kinda sorta

No lie, no arguments, everybody so fraudulent

You lie to me, you dead to me, I dig the hole and put the coffin in

Like I ain't learn my lesson, I don't understand how I thought you wasn't lying 

When you lying to your man, I'm drowning in this pool of deception

My choice of weapon is my last three exes, feeding me your lies

Don't pass me seconds, I just like to see it when your ass get naked


[Verse 3] 

Lie to me, apologize to me

Tell me that they bussing but you only ride to me 

That other girl she crazy like baby

Forget about them pictures that’s on Instagram, listen man 

Told you that she crazy, you my baby, you ain’t listening 

Way you just believe all that you see I swear it’s sickening 

If you can’t believe me, then you need to find a different man

And I don’t even know why you all on me like you innocent 

What about what you doing when you doing it?
I don’t need to be proving it

Can’t be the only one the way you moving it 

But I trust you cause I love ya

So when I’m in these streets know that I be thinking of ya